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NFL Draft Mr. Irrelevant — Infographic

NFL Draft Mr. Irrelevant

Is there any stranger term than being called the NFL Draft Mr. Irrelevant? That gets tagged to the college football player drafted with the final pick of the NFL Draft in any given year? Some poor guy sits through hundreds of picks and his family, friends and agent begins to console him and discuss plans to sign with a team as an undrafted free agent. Then all of a sudden, he finds out he has indeed been drafted with the lasts pick.

But after the initial excitement, he realizes he’s now tagged with the backhanded compliment, the NFL Draft Mr. Irrelevant! And then he realizes, “Great, I can’t even choose which team I will try out for?”

And finally, the happiness returns when he realizes he now joins a very exclusive group that gets together once a year for a big party in Southern California — and a trip to Disney Land!

Did you know the NFL Draft used to be 12 rounds long back in the ’80s? It’s surprising to me to know that plenty players drafted after the seventh round have gone on to be good NFL players, as well as dozens of undrafted players. Yet, there have been very few good players named NFL Draft Mr. Irrelevant.

Enjoy this great infographic by the people at!

NFL Draft Mr. Irrelevant

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