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NFL Draft Trivia Quiz: Are you a 1st-round pick?

Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams

The only thing NFL Draftniks love as much as the draft is … beer. After that, though, their second favorite thing – fantasy football. But eventually, a distant third, draftniks love trivia. Here are 10 questions that will help separate the draft fans from the draft nerds (not sure which side you want to be on here).

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1. Who is the only team to draft four future Hall of Famers in the same year?
In 1974, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected WR Lynn Swann-1st rd, LB Jack Lambert-2nd, WR John Stallworth-4th and C Mike Webster-5th.


2. Name the six players that made up the Great QB Class of 1983?
1. John Elway (BAL), 7. Todd Blackledge (KC), 14. Jim Kelly (BUF), 15. Tony Eason (NE), 24. Ken O’Brien (NYJ), 27. Dan Marino (MIA)
Cliff Claven lil’ known fact: After Marino was drafted with the 27th pick, the next QB to get selected was Eastern Illinois’ Jeff Christensen, by Cincinnati, with the 137th pick (fifth round).


Vinny Testaverde, Tampa Bay Buccaneers3. Two teams have had more top five picks (eight) than anyone else since 1990. Cincinnati is the easy one – what’s the other team?
Indianapolis Colts


4. One team has not had a top-five draft pick since 1973. Name them.
Pittsburgh hasn’t had a top five pick since 1973, when they selected DB J.T. Thomas out of FSU.


5. Bob Griese was the fourth overall draft pick in the 1967 NFL Draft. The third overall pick for the Niners was a Heisman winning QB. Who was he?
The Niners took Steve Spurrier out of Florida with the third overall pick.


6 Since 1986, there have been four No. 1 overall draft picks that also happened to be Heisman-winning quarterbacks. Can you name them?
The Bucs took Vinny Testaverde in 1987, Cincinnati took Carson Palmer in 2002, Sam Bradford was picked by the Rams in 2008, and Cam Newton went to Carolina in 2010.


7. Troy Aikman and this player were drafted before Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas and Deion Sanders in 1989. Who is he?
Green Bay picked OT Tony Mandarich with the second overall pick.


8. Who was the only running back drafted ahead of Emmitt Smith in 1990?
The Jets picked RB Blair Thomas out of Penn State with the second overall pick in 1989.


9. This No.1 overall draft pick running back finished his NFL career with just 1,144 rushing yards?
Ki-Jana Carter tore his ACL in his rookie season of 1995 with Cincinnati. He went on to play in 59 NFL games, and he scored just 20 touchdowns.


Tom Brady10. Only three schools have had three players drafted in the top 10 in the same year – can you name one of the colleges?
In 1995, Penn State had RB Ki-Jana Carter (1), QB Kerry Collins (5) and TE Kyle Brady (9) were drafted in the first 10 picks. Auburn had three top-10 picks in 2005 (RB Ronnie Brown (2), RB Carnell Williams (5) and CB Carlos Rogers (9). And Oklahoma has three picks in 2010 (QB Sam Brafford (1), DT Gerald McCoy (3) and OT Trent Williams (4).


Time to judge how you did on the NFL Draft Trivia Quiz!

If you got ZERO questions right: Excellent job, Mr. Irrelevant!

If you got ONE to TWO questions right: That’s cool. Many guys think a girl that’s into sports is hot!

If you got THREE to FOUR questions right: You are the Akili Smith of NFL Draft trivia.

If you got FIVE to SEVEN questions right: Your score equals Vince Young’s Wonderlic score. Not sure how you should feel about that.

If you got EIGHT to NINE questions right: Bill Walsh could learn a thing or two from you!

If you got all TEN questions right: You are a cheater. Well played, Mr. Belichick.


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