Week 13 Discount Diving on FanDuel and Rankings

The Week 13 Discount Diving post comes with plenty to look forward to. Thanksgiving feast, watching Football while devouring far too much food, monitoring your Fantasy Squads (of course) and their bids to make playoffs, or snag a Bye in the first round, and for some spending the quality time with your family. No matter what shape your seasonal teams are in, I hope they are in playoff contention, there is always the opportunity to enter some DFS lineups by Thursday. This week is even better since there are 3 games with plenty of big name studs you should target for your lineups.

This week will be different because of the schedule, but also because signing up for Thursday start games on FanDuel may not be as “advantageous” as they normally are. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play obviously, there just may be stiffer competition starting tomorrow afternoon. Fear not, I will help you find some discount players who can add spark to your lineup while letting you afford the staple studs playing either Thursday or Sunday.

A reminder to everyone reading, this isn’t intended to be a list of players you “Must Start” but a few targets at each position where you can save some money and get decent production. I typically aim to have two to three discount targets in my lineups. It can be more, or less. That is up to you!

Since it is the Holiday’s and I have baking, bedtime, writing, lineups to set, etc I will cut this a tad short. I am sure you all understand, and may be overjoyed you don’t have to suffer through my ramblings this week and get right to the juicy part. I hope not, but I don’t blame you ūüėČ Good Luck this week everyone!!

Discount Diving on FanDuel: Week 13

 Quarterback: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh vs New Orleans

Post bye week and the Steelers face off against the high-octane offense of the Saints. This is good for the Steelers as they will likely need to throw plenty and often to win the game. With plenty of weapons at his disposal, Roethlisberger is a solid choice for his dollar value this week. I have him as my 4th ranked QB so $8,300 is cheap. Projected FanDuel Points: 19.8

Running Back: Rashad Jennings, New York Giants @ Jacksonville

I know last week was disappointing on many levels for Jennings owners like myself. I lost a week by one point so his getting tackled at the one, having shoe difficulties, and losing a TD carry to Andre Williams was frustrating. However he still ended up with 12 points in standard scoring. This week he faces the Jaguars, you know what that means. He will get the lion share, and can do plenty with it, whether Williams is in the picture or not. Great play for $7,100. Projected FanDuel Points: 14.3

Stills was productive in Week 12. At his price, hoping it continues in Week 13

Stills was productive in Week 12. At his price, hoping it continues in Week 13

 Wide Receiver: Kenny Stills, New Orleans @ Pittsburgh

Stills has plenty of upside, and in a match-up like this he may be able to take advantage of 8 to 9 targets again this week. He is boom or bust, but with those targets, and production similar to last week you have a nice cheap target for your WR3 this week. Projected FanDuel Points: 9.7 

Tight End: Travis Kelce, Kansas City vs Denver

I will openly admit I was a Kelce believer. I over promoted him, and although his skill set is there the default top 10 tight end claims every week quickly became silly. He simply isn’t getting the work he needs (deserves) to be a reliable weapon every week. This week however, if you are looking for value at this position Kelce is affordable and faces the 24th worst Tight End covering defenses. I am all in on Kelce this week for most of my Thursday lineups.¬†Projected FanDuel Points: 10.2

The Final Lineup…Well, One of Them

Screenshot 2014-11-26 at 9.55.33 PM

WEEK 13 Fantasy Football Rankings

@fantsychillpony ‘s Rankings for Week 13¬†

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