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CAR-Panthers Defense

When you look at the Week 3 Defense rankings, understand that you’re also looking at the Week 3 rankings for pretty much all of the Fantasy Football positions.

In other words, if you see a defense ranked real high this week, there’s an awfully good chance you’ll find the quarterback, running backs and wide receivers that they’re facing much lower in the rankings than they’re normally found. It’s usually that way every week.

You can even throw kickers in that mix, since a good Fantasy defense is probably limiting an opposing offense’s scoring chances all around.

Passing Defenses

Looking at 2014 statistics, you’ll notice a few things sticking out as a little abnormal. For instance, the Saints had one of the best pass defenses in the NFL last season, allowing less than 200 yards passing per game. They added Jairus Byrd to their secondary, and now they’re the worst pass defense in the league, allowing two touchdown passes per game and over 325 passing yards!

The same goes for the Bills, who were very tough against the pass last season, but now rank as the sixth-worst. At least with that defense, it’s understandable because they actually lost Byrd in free agency (and Pettine).

Rushing Defenses

Week 3 Rankings, SKYLLZONE Fan vs. Machine Points GameThrough two games this season, the Rams are allowing over 170 rushing yards per game, just one year after stuffing the run, giving up just over 102 rushing yards per game.

On the other end, we find the Bills, who allowed close to 130 rushing yards per game last year (fifth-worst in the NFL). But in 2014, they’re giving up just 83 rushing yards (and no rushing touchdowns) in two games. I’d say this is more of a change in coaching philosophy than player personnel.

These Week 3 Defense rankings should also help you in Daily Fantasy play. Especially for the Fan vs. Machine instant snake drafts on SKYLLZONE.com.

So let’s get into the rankings for this week, and see if we can’t break down the upcoming week for you.
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Week 3 Defense Rankings

These rankings are based on standard Fantasy leagues that award points to defense/special teams for sacks, interceptions, fumbles recovered, yards allowed and points allowed.

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Let us know if there’s Defense/Special teams unit you like/hate that we have ranked too high or too low in our Week 3 Defense Rankings! 

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