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Orange Julius, Week 3 TE Rankings

So far, the tight ends position has worked out pretty much the way we all thought it would have. You have a couple studs near the top that are always scoring, and we do have a couple tight ends we thought were middle-of-the-road in Fantasy, who have skyrocketed upwards.

We also have a few no-names that have been much more productive in the first two weeks of the season, both of which come from the NFC East.

Redskins TE Niles Paul and Giants TE Larry Donnell have been just great in the first two weeks of the season, which backs up our assertion every summer that you really shouldn’t draft a good tight end in the high rounds.

Sure, drafting Jimmy Graham is always a good idea, but drafting the tight ends between fourth and 12th should just wait until the later rounds.

Tight Ends Entering Week 3

In one of my standard, non-PPR, 12-team leagues, with 15 roster spots and no flex, there are now nine tight ends that have scored a touchdown this season. Owen Daniels, Niles Paul, Marcedes Lewis (ankle), and Larry Donnell were all available after Week 2. Overall, there have been 20 Fantasy tight ends that have scored at least one touchdown so far this year.

Julius Thomas, Week 3 TE Rankings

While Julius Thomas has three touchdown catches this season, he’s facing a very tough Seahawks defense in Week 3. Photo Credit: The Brit_2

And that’s where we come back to the Fantasy points allowed to tight ends last season – and over the past two weeks.

For this, we’ll use the “Defenses vs. Pos” stats from CBSSports.com. Basically, this tool tells you the average points per position a defense gives up.

Soft Defenses vs. Tight Ends in 2014

The five softest defenses against tight ends include:

  • Colts: 18 Fantasy pts allowed per game to TEs over the past two weeks
  • Cowboys: 18
  • Jaguars: 15
  • Seahawks: 15
  • Chiefs: 14

Tough Defenses vs. Tight Ends in 2014

The five toughest defenses against tight ends include:

  • Chargers: 2.0 Fantasy pts allowed per game to TEs over the past two weeks
  • Jets: 2.0
  • Packers: 3.0
  • Ravens: 3.0
  • Texans: 4.0

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Week 3 TE Rankings

These tight end rankings are based on standard non-PPR Fantasy leagues with six points per touchdown.

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Are there some tight ends you think we have too high or too low in our Week 3 TE Rankings? We want to help our readers, so your comments on these tight end rankings can give them an added perspective and we definitely welcome that!

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