Week 3 Free DraftDay.com Challenge: BEAT ME!

When the people at DraftDay.com told me they’d set up a FREE Fantasy Football Weekly Salary Cap Challenge game for my readers, with over $250 in prize payouts, I immediately responded with a hearty laugh. “Yeah, and then you’re going to want us to buy a timeshare, right!?!” I asked in a British accent for no reason at all.

They said, “No, it’s just free money.”

So I decided to fill out a lineup!

And you should too! If you beat everyone, including me, in this challenge limited to 500 people, you’ll win $40! If you come in second place, you get $28; third place gets $22, and so on, with the 50th place participant getting $1.

Even better, if you’d rather not do a league like this against a bunch of people, then you can click here and take me on in a 1-on-1 challenge for free, with the winner getting $5!

I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL! (Pretend I just slapped you with a white glove!)

(Did I mention it’s free?)

Week 3 lineup

TE Brent Celek is returning to his breakout days.

From 2008-10, I worked at a company called OPENSports.com, where we had weekly challenge games like this and I really enjoyed them! I liked them a lot for a few reasons.

  1. I like the chance to exploit matchups in any given NFL week, especially with players I don’t own in any of my Fantasy leagues. In my seven leagues, I got a top-three pick in just ONE league (third pick). So I don’t own Arian Foster or Ray Rice in any league. That stinks.
  2. Weekly challenge leagues like this really keep you on your toes, and they help you get an idea of which players have become more valuable in-season, and who has really fallen off.
  3. Sometimes, Fantasy fate hates us. Last year, those that drafted Jamaal Charles were pretty much bounced from the playoffs after one week. With these weekly challenge lineup formats, you’re back in the game and you have a chance to reset every Tuesday.


My Week 3 DraftDay.com Lineup

I also want to post my lineup here each week, so you see what I’m thinking and you can try to take advantage of any mismatches I might have missed. Fill out your own lineup and win some cash!

  • QB: Tony Romo, DAL vs. TB – $16,250
    I like the Cowboys’ chances of doing some aerial damage against this Bucs defense that’s still trying to find its way.
  • RB1: LeSean McCoy, PHI vs. ARI – $16,500
    Yes, the Cardinals have yet to allow a rushing touchdown, but McCoy can score on a pass as well.
  • RB2: Marshawn Lynch, SEA vs. GB – $12,400
    The Packers are allowing over 140 yards rushing each week, with only six teams allowing more than that.
  • WR1: Dez Bryant, DAL vs. TB – $10,300
    The Bucs are allowing 400 yards passing on average after two weeks. That’s the worst number in the NFL. This could be Bryant’s breakout game for 2012, with eight or more catches. (This is a PPR league, btw.)
  • WR2: Wes Welker, NE vs. BAL – $10,100
    With TE Aaron Hernandez (ankle) sidelined, I love Welker’s chances of getting going again offensively. Plus, there are rumors that the Pats are shopping him in trades.
  • FLEX: DeSean Jackson, PHI vs. ARI – $11,900
    The Cardinals do have a top-10 defense against the pass so far, but the Eagles are too strong offensively. This week, they put it all together, and I have three players ready to take advantage.
  • TE: Brent Celek, PHI vs. ARI – $9,700
    I’m going all in on the Eagles, and Celek has become one of Michael Vick’s favorite targets again. Celek was a breakout player just before Vick took over under center a few years ago.
  • K: Matt Prater, DEN vs. HOU – $6,150
    I think it’ll be a shootout between these two teams, and Prater’s owners can take advantage on the cheap.
  • DEF: 49ers, SF vs. MIN – $6,300
    I’m still not convinced sophomore QB Christian Ponder can control the ball against a defense like the Niners’. Plus, Adrian Peterson is still showing that he’s not close to 100 percent.

Remember, you can go back to edit your lineup up until Sunday morning. (And so do i!) So when some players are declared inactive, you can come back in and edit your lineup to insert a cheaper player that’s about to get a bigger role in a team’s offense because of a starter’s injury.

Good luck this week! Enjoy second place!!!



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