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Best Fantasy Tool: “My Playbook” Offers Waiver Wire, Trade and Start/Sit Help

Best Fantasy Tool - My Playbook Cover

If you’ve ever used the Draft Wizard tool, then you already understand how powerful the FantasyPros’ tools can be. Their “My Playbook” is easily the best Fantasy tool you can use during the Fantasy Football regular season, and we’re going to explain why.

Not only does it help you figure out who you should pick up and drop in ALL of your leagues, but it also helps you with start-and-sit lineup decisions, trades and waiver pickups.

It’s not a free tool, but when you consider the price against the Fantasy Football league fees you’re paying in multiple leagues, then you’ll understand why I think it’s a wise investment.

The way this tool works is that you log in and connect it with all of your Fantasy Football leagues, whether you play on ESPN,, Yahoo!, MyFantasyLeague, FleaFlicker, FFPC, FanTrax, RT Sports, Fox Sports and the NFFC. Got a league somewhere? They’ll connect to it.

And if you didn’t catch what I was saying before, I repeat – they connect to ALL of your Fantasy Football leagues for the just one price. (The price varies depending on what you’re ordering, and if you ordered their Draft Wizard tool, also.)

The tool costs around $20 to get the best use of it all season – but that one price is for ALL of your leagues combined! Not each. In full disclosure, I do get an affiliate’s fee for any sales, but I promise you won’t be complaining about the tool itself.

“My Playbook” Features to Know

I already mentioned that you can connect to multiple leagues, which is a huge feature, so now I’ll move on to some of the other great ways you can use this assistant GM Fantasy tool. The screenshots below are from the tool using my teams in some of my 13 leagues. For this exercise, we’ll use my team, the “Miami Douchebagels,” in a buddy ESPN league:


This is your starting point, essentially, where you’ll have links to everything you need. This jumping off point will show all of the most recent pieces of player news that affects your team directly. As you can see below, they show you a quick headline for your players, and they show the ECR, which stands for the “Experts Consensus Rankings” for each player, along with the player’s upcoming opponent, and that opponent’s “PA Rank,” which stands for “Points Allowed Rank.”

My Playbook Dashboard - Fantasy Football Assistant GM Tool

Waiver Wire Assistant

FantasyPros already collates the expert rankings of dozens and dozens of Fantasy Football writers, from all of the top fantasy sites, including ESPN, CBSSports, FootballGuys and SoCalledFantasyExperts. Then it combs through your league, checks out your settings, and it shares with you a list of players the experts rank higher than some of the players you already have on your roster. That means – pick up these guys – and drop these guys!

You can sort the Waiver Wire Assistant by players that can help you in your starting lineup for the upcoming week, or for the rest of the season! If shows you which players are available and the percentage of experts that would add that player to your starting lineup. You can even sort by a handful of specific experts, whose 2014 Fantasy ranking accuracy are the best, etc.

Waiver Wire Assistant - My Playbook - Fantasy Assistant GM

Trade Help — Cheatsheets

Choose this option to look at your league from a wide-angled perspective, to see which players are available at different positions – and to see where your players currently rank. You can also compare your team versus another team in your league, to see how your players stack up against theirs! This is the perfect trade tool to use when you need to make some big moves!

Cheatsheets - My Playbook - Fantasy Assistant GM

Expert Analysis

This feature of the tool takes a look at the upcoming week, and it ranks your team against all of the others, including strength by position and upcoming bye weeks. It will also show you where your starters rank within your league. You can also click a button to show their opponents’ Fantasy points allowed rank.

Analysis - My Playbook - Best Fantasy Assistant GM


Take a look at each player’s upcoming games, and whether or not they are favorable Fantasy matchups or not. For instance, after a quick glance at the schedule below, you can see that Matt Ryan has three good passing matchups in the next five weeks, and Melvin Gordon really looks good over his next three games.

Schedule - My Playbook - Best-Fantasy Assistant GM Tool

Team Specific Player News

They also find all of the most recent pieces of player news that affects your team directly. FantasyPros has their own team correspondents posting news they’ve found across the Internet affecting your players. This already beats any “Player News” section you’d find in any of the league services.

My Playbook Dashboard - Fantasy Football Assistant GM Tool

How is it a Fantasy Assistant GM Tool?

As you go through this tool, think of how many hours you’re saving by putting the life of your Fantasy teams in the “My Playbook” hands.

Just like any great Fantasy Assistant GM tool should do, it offers up suggestions to help your team in the immediate future, as well as over the remainder of the season.

Best Fantasy Tool: Cost vs. Opportunity

When you look at how much “My Playbook” costs, giving you the best assistant GM Fantasy tool around, you need to figure out if it’s worth buying for your league. For around $20, it’s a great deal for anyone in multiple leagues, period.

If you’re in just one Fantasy Football league – then unless your league fee is $100 or more, I’d pass on this tool.

But if you’re in more than one league, even if they total $100 in combined league fees, then buying this tool is worth it, since it can help you either win – or land in the money for both leagues.

We obviously think it’s “My Playbook” is the best Fantasy tool, but we’re not the only ones, as it has already been honored as the Most Valuable Fantasy Tool by the FSTA.

Feel free to tweet me @DavidGonos to ask me any more questions, or to let me know what you think of what I believe is the best Fantasy Assistant GM tool around – FantasyPros “My Playbook!”

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