10 Reasons Why Watching NFL Games at Home is Better Than at the Stadium

Fantasy Football Trophy Watch Football at Home

While NFL blackout rules can certainly ruin a football fan’s afternoon at home, it’s still tough to argue that a day in the hot sun with bad seats is better than staying on the couch, with your beer-fetching dog (not code for your wife, btw). I understand that it is all part of the experience and I’m sure this is possibly something I would like to see in real life one day, but you can’t beat being in the comfort of your own home. Occasionally, I do enjoy dabbling in betting, but only when it comes to games like these. If you are interested in this side of sports, why not check out a site like to get in on the action of the NFL games. Plus, you’re doing it legally, so there’s no harm in what you are doing. It’s all about having fun, especially when you make some money. So I decided to make a list of all the reasons why watching NFL games at home is much better than going to the stadium and spending a ton of money on tickets, parking and food.

I’m trying to stay away from the “too obvious” items, like television or remote control, but here is my list of reasons why watching NFL games at home is WAAAY better than at the stadium:

1. NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Red Zone Channel

If you have DirecTV and you don’t have the NFL Sunday Ticket, then you likely work all day on Sundays, or you love foreplay but hate sex. Our grandfathers would kill to have had the NFL Sunday Ticket and the NFL Red Zone Channel! Granted, they were busy fighting Nazis and hippies (I’m not a strong historian.)

2. DVR and Instant Replay

Wife won’t stop yapping about some kitchen fire or a missing daughter? Pause the live TV, nod and feign interest, then return to the game without missing a snap. If you haven’t invested in one of these yet, let me tell you that you are missing out big time! A DVR can be a lifesaver for any TV lover. There’s a source here you can check out if you want to change this, just thank me later.

3. The Yellow First-Down Line Graphic

Ever get a seat in the corner of the end zone? And on every play, your diagonal view makes you think your team went eight yards past the first-down marker, only to find out they were three yards short? That never happens at home.

4. The Ottoman

Anyone over six-feet tall knows that stadium seats are built for the Captain Dans of the world. So being able to stretch your legs horizontally, and use your belly button for a salsa bowl truly makes the ottoman a gift from god. And what an empire!

5. Handpicking the Jackasses That Sit Next to You

Don’t want an opposing team’s fan near you? Don’t invite him. Want security to throw out the drunken bum that vomited next to you? Tell your wife her Dad has to go home now.

6. Crappy Stadium Food

Some stadiums have stepped up in this category, but at Dolphin Stadium (Joe Robbie, whatever), you have a choice between chicken tenders and horrible hot dogs. On a brisk fall afternoon, there’s nothing like multiple bowls of chili and Fritos Scoops, while watching the 1pm games – then the impending multiple visits to the bathroom for the 4pm games.

7. Private Bathroom

No standing in line. No standing in someone else’s urine. No absence of reading material. No fights. No doors with broken latches. No one “judging” you for taking your shirt off before you go.

8. High-Definition TV

Can you imagine how much better “The Immaculate Reception” would have been if it were broadcast in HD? Or when Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Theisman’s leg!?!

9. Fantasy Football

Old timers say that this has ruined football. But Fantasy Football makes a 42-10 blowout interesting. And when you’re at home, you are always updated and able to watch your running back get pulled at the goal line for a TD vulture. YAY!

10. Halftime Makeouts!

Sure, it might be infrequent, but the odds of making out with your lady friend at home are MUCH greater than at the stadium.

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